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Hello, i've just joined this community and was wondering if I could post stories as well as artwork. I am a photographer, however sometimes my pictures do not show up on LJ so I am kinda reluctant to post any. I am kinda new to this whole blogging experience and are yet to truly understand how to use this LJ properly. However, I would like to start this community with a little story of mine, and if anyone would like to see the whole story and pictures that go with it you are more than welcome to got to my deviantart account at

I am more than happy to show you my stuff there. If what I am doing is innapropriate feel free to tell me.

It’s strange how in 24hours the world can change so dramatically. I still remember thinking that it was all just a dream. A horrible dream that no matter how much pinching I did, I couldn’t seem to wake up from.

“ We made them out of body parts for the principle of creating an exhibition that would challenge people’s expectations and when they entered they would be trapped in their own confusion.”

I looked up at the monitor and caught glimpses of dismembered bodies. How someone so talented could make something so evil I have no idea. There was nothing human within these forms.

“ However, we did not check the source of the body parts. We did not think that it would be so much of a problem. To make them more realistic we mixed them with human body parts that were left over from medical research. It took us quite by surprise when they began to animate. Obviously there was a chemical reaction between the synthetic body-parts and the human flesh. Usually we take away the ghosting from the parts we use just in case their souls are reanimated.”

To play god with these creatures was certain suicide, and to be so careless in the creative process, it makes me wonder what they were really hoping for.

“To stay animated, the creatures we created needed the seeds of human life-force and to get that they needed to rip it from the very base of human nature, the seat of the soul so to speak. You see, humans have an unlimited well of energy, and the most powerful of all is the human emotion. If we could just harness that energy we would be able to be the lords of our own creation. We’d be masters of our own demise. That’s why it is so important that we stop them before it is too late, before they bring down the apocalypse and open the gates of hell.”

“ And just where exactly is the base of human nature?” I asked him as I stroked the wool of Tahoi’s hat. I could still hear his screams as that thing ripped him open.

“ The root of humanity is situated at the base of the spinal column. We have been trying to separate it from the body for quite some time now. However every attempt that we have made has ended in certain death from the willing hosts. It seems that we cannot be separated from our humanity. However there are two ways that equivalent energy can be created. One is by the rising of the energies to the brain. This only occurs in very rare specimens who are not quite human to begin with. This burning fire is quite volatile and difficult to harness so we usually steer clear of using its substance. However the other is quite effective. It seems upon entry into a sexually excitable state we are able to transfer our humanity outside of our bodies and mix it with the souls of another. With practice, the duration of this act can be extended and the combined energies harnessed to create the ultimate energy force.”

“ And just how do these creatures know all this?” It just occurred to me that I did not know anything about the person with whom had saved my life just hours before. I had a sneaky suspicion that there was a lot he wasn’t willing to tell me.

Krisjiaan looked away hesitantly and busied himself looking at some of the monitors that were still flickering around the room.

I could see that I was not going to get any more answers from him so I decided to study my surroundings and get a better bearing of my current situation.

A few hours earlier Krisjiaan had found me cowering in the corner of the bathroom at Tahoi’s house. Tahoi’s ripped body was lying in the bathtub where I had layed him after the attack. The hollow stare of his eyes will be forever imprinted on my memory. I still do not know what really attacked him. It’s like the shadows were hiding it. Every now and again I got glimpses of the being and then it was gone again. All I can really remember is the feel of its hands around my ankles as it tried to drag my foot down its gullet. And the eyes, those dead eyes staring out at me from the darkness. It was worst than anything I could have seen of its body.

Krisjiaan had taken me back to his laboratory where he had proceeded in showing me footage of these creatures. Until now, I hadn’t really surveyed my surroundings.

The laboratory was situated in the middle of a vast underground research facility. Corridors lead in from an outside building to the main network of underground rooms. Each room was divided into four different sections, which branched off into more rooms. It gave the feeling of being inside a mirrored maze and was very effective in causing confusion. I guess it was built that way so that if ever an intruder did happen to stumble inside they would be unable to find their way out.

A shelfing system spanned the entire far wall of the room we were currently in and held an extensive collection of jarred substances and dried body parts. In the middle of the room was a bench with various chemistry equipment and test tubes. Around the outer edges of the room were ten flickering computer screens. Krisjiann was standing next to a slant table with various harnessing equipment and lights situated near entrance of the room.

I noticed he looked very worn out and tired. It only seemed to enhance the authority in his features. A wiry man in his early twenties, he carved a pretty impressive specimen. High cheekbones defined his face and grey eyes shone out of his bruised skin. His black hair was dusted with grey around the temple and gave out an aura of infinite wisdom. I hadn’t noticed just how attractive he was and found myself staring at him in awe.

“ You better wash that blood off you just in case it contains traces of ghosting before he died” he said as he busied himself with some papers on the bench.

I hadn’t even noticed that I was covered in blood. Looking down at Tahoi’s hat I saw it drip from the one bell that remained.

Making my way to the bathroom down the hall, I paused pass the room where his body now laid. His body was already starting to turned black and his beautiful features was bloated and distorted with gas. Tears coursed down my face as I ran to the bathroom.

Running water in the basin, I scrubbed my skin till all traces of blood were off me. The water turned a pale pink, and as I was finishing up I looked up into the mirror and screamed.

The creature’s face stared back at me, and as I turned to run it lunged. Catching me off-balance we fell to the floor in a tangled mess of limbs and clawing fingers. I didn’t have time to scream as the beast grasped its fingers around my neck. With delicate precision it traced a path with its other hand down my spine and in between my legs. With the speed of a heartbeat it reached up inside me and grasped hold on my internal organs. With a quick yank I could feel my insides tearing as it pulled my soul outside of my body.

The last thing I saw as the light began to fade around me was the gleam in its eyes as it slowly began licking its fingers. It was then I realised that humanity was lost and he was one of them.

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