Skotti Kimble (jaggyd) wrote in windsofmidnight,
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I'm new

Hi all, I'm new to this little community. I'd like to think of myself as a "dark artist", though most of my work doesn't appear it. I've supressed this side of myself for a long period of time, but thanks to my significant others (yes, I have two), I'm getting in touch with the dark side of myself again. This will be my first post, please feel free to critique, and pointers on technique for blood and the like are always appriciated.
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Is there another half of the picture? Hehe. I want to see the chick with the red hair too.
Heh, well, the focus in this pic is my GF's Sphinx. I may do one with more of a focus on my Kirin.
Rock on, I dig it. Reminds me a lot of the sort of comic art that's popular these days.
Holy Moley girlie. That is one hell of a detailed picture. What medium did you use? It looks as if you used markers and pencil but I cannot be too sure.

Would love to see more of your stuff...and a bit disappointed that you just focused on Kirin's legs. It would have looked very nice if you finished to pic just a little bit higher.

And your stuff looks really familiar, you posted anywhere else on the net?

Welcome anyway. Hope to see more of you.
Actually, it's 100% digital. I appriciate the desire to see Kirin, the focus is on my kitty ^^

My gallery URL is ;
I've already checked it out. I've been a sneaky person ;) See, now I remember where I have seen your stuff before..

I love your kitty. It is very well done.