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Winds of Midnight

art of the dark kin

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Winds of Midnight is a community for those few brave souls whose artwork journeys through the dark side of the otherkin. Demons, vampires, dark elves, fallen angels... Because some of the pictures here may deal with adult themes such as death, drug use, paranoia, insanity, bloodplay, violence, and sexuality (hetero, homo, and otherwise), we require that all members maintain a certain amount of maturity. On the other hand, we certainly do not require these elements in anything you post. After all, what draws the dark in more quickly than innocence?

Art of all sorts is appreciated - pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, photography, digital, sculpture, etc, however, we do ask that anything you post be in a finished state and somehow on topic. If you're fudging it a little, come up with a really good story. Do not post a picture of your cat and call it demonkin and then expect us to flatter you for it. As a rule of thumb, try to keep your images under 200k per post or use the lj-cut feature. It will be easier on all if the images were also kept to a reasonable pixel size. If you can think of any rules that need to be added here, please contact the administrator at theghostfire@yahoo.com.

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